About us

Mehikanka is a store that is created in Slovenia and become the first store that  sell real mexican products in Maribor, Slovenia, we established our company as a family business since 2018 in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia. The name Mehikanka comes from the nickname that the owner use to get by the locals and adopted it with love and make it a brand of it.

Mehikanka means in slovenian language La Mexicana.

Currently we have presence besides Slovenia on Italy, Croatia and Austria. We have been growing slowly true the years, and becoming now Official Importers and Distributors of the brand AngeLozano for all the Balkan Region including Austria.

We are selling as a minoristas in our webpage and also wholesale to companies that would like to sell our products. We are importing from Mexico only handcrafted articles and we are supporters of the fair trade

We love to show to the world about the mexican culture and traditions, and also that what we have are pieces of art and not just artesanias.

You can contact us via:

Facebook  @Mehikanka

Instagram  @Mehikanka

E-mail  info@mehikanka.com

Our location is in Slovenia at:

Flor de Liz Chavez Azuara S. P.

Kovača vas 53 b

2310 Slovenska Bistrica, SI

Tel.: +386 70 911 922

We do have a showroom but now is not working due to the terrible pandemia that is hitting the world.  In any other situation we would be happy to show the items in person so you can see and feel the textures of the embroideries and leather craftwork.

Thanks for visiting our shop,