Pilar Oro Rosado Cincelado

Pilar Oro Rosado Cincelado

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Handbag elaborated with fine caw leather with press printed chiseled style, hardware showered on gold, details that make it unique and special because when you use this original bag you will be wearing a piece of art created by experts on leather goods.

We take care of every detail to create a product of quality that will never be out of fashion.


Cut: Embossed vaccine leather
Lining: Printed textile
Hardware: Metal with gold plating
Measures: 22 x 24 x 13 (cm)
Packaging: Fabric bag covers dust
Accessory: Detachable leather handle and handmade key ring
Metal closure
Available colors: Gold, silver, pink and black gold
* Inside has a bag with zipper and multi-purpose bags.