Elena Camel Tejido
Elena Camel Tejido
Elena Camel Tejido

Elena Camel Tejido

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Handmade bag made with fine cowhide leather, gold-plated hardware and embroidered loom details by Mexican artisans, details that make it unique and special because when using this original bag, you are carrying a work of art created by Mayan hands.

We take care of every detail to create a unique and unrepeatable quality product that will never go out of style.
Each bag carries at least 20 hours of craft work.
  • Cut: Artisan loom and cowhide
  • Lining: Printed textile
  • Hardware: Metal with gold plating
  • Measures: 28 x 34 x 11
  • Packaging: Fabric bag covers dust
  • Accessories: Adjustable and removable leather handle and handmade key ring
  • Metal closure
  • Available colors: Brown

* Inside has bag with zipper and multi-purpose bags.