Eliza Fiusha Etnico
Eliza Fiusha Etnico
Eliza Fiusha Etnico

Eliza Fiusha Etnico

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Handmade bag made with fine cowhide leather, gold-plated hardware and embroidered loom details by Mexican artisans, details that make it unique and special because when using this original bag, you are carrying a work of art created by Mayan hands.

The artisans embody their emotions and feelings in the looms, and when we observe them, they transmit a part of their life, their environment and their culture for it. ALL THE TELARES ARE DIFFERENT as well as our personality is unique. You can be sure that nobody will have a bag identical to yours.
We take care of every detail to create a unique and unrepeatable quality product that will never go out of style.
Each bag carries at least 20 hours of craft work.
  • Cut: Artisan loom and cowhide
  • Lining: Printed textile
  • Hardware: Metal with gold plating
  • Measures: 24 x 36 x 12
  • Packaging: Fabric bag covers dust
  • Accessory: Removable metal chain handle and handmade key ring
  • Metal closure

* Inside has a zippered bag.